Wearing Intelligence - Creative Conscience Award

Dermapatch is biodegradable and sustainable approach to the medicinal industry, specialised to promote wound healing, in a practical and natural form. Burning yourself is a very common occurrence, so much so that people don’t provide the right treatment for the wound in order to heal properly unless it is severely blistered. Running the injury under cold water relieves by taking the heat away however most don’t leave it under the tap for long enough to prevent scarring. Burns to recover well need to be kept in a cold and moist environment and not left to air dry.

For this reason kombucha is the perfect cool compress for burn victims. It can be saturated in clean sterile water and is ready to use on the skin for immediate relief. The bacteria used to make kombucha contain healthy attributes such as antioxidants & enzymes and the PH is well below the level that bad bacteria can survive ensuring the injury does not get infected. It has antibiotic and detoxification properties along with encompassing hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin plump and hydrated.

The grow your own kit contains all the ingredients you need and explains step by step how to produce your own patch which can be used to advocate wound healing in cuts or burns to reduce the damaged tissue. //Burn make up done by Hanni Wellian